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Clean pet hair fast with this Bissell Powerglide vacuum, now 17% off on Amazon

Sometimes you just want to invite some friends over to your place, but you’re embarrassed they’ll leave covered in pet hair. As much as we love our fur babies, pet hairs stick to almost everything: Upholstery, carpets, even clothes. The best way to deal with this problem is to have your dog or cat regularly groomed. If that’s not enough, get yourself a good vacuum cleaner for pet hair. Considering there are way too many options out in the market, the search for a reliable pet hair vacuum can be tricky. Luckily, here’s one that we can attest is good: The Bissell Powerglide Lift-Off Pet Plus.

This upright vacuum transforms into a canister vac in one swift motion, allowing you to easily remove pet hair from stairs, curtains, floors, furniture, and just about anywhere. Get one and feel confident in your next house party invite for $174 instead of $210 — that’s $36 worth of savings.

When the Bissell Powerglide Lift-Off Pet Plus is in upright mode, you’ll be able to use the triple-bristle brush roll and swivel nozzle. The brush roll is ideal for vacuuming carpets and you can switch it off once you’re about to go over hard floors by simply flipping the rocker switch on the handle. With the help of three types of bristles and what Bissell calls “multi-cyclonic” suction, tufts of fur and tumbleweeds of hair don’t stand a chance. The swivel nozzle is 12 inches wide, which is broader than other vacuum cleaners. This means it will take you no time at all to clean an entire room, and since the nozzle pivots, you can easily maneuver it around furniture.

By pressing the release button, you will be able to lift away the canister from the upright so you can vacuum furniture and stairs. Fasten a specific attachment to the 6-foot hose, depending on what you’re going to clean. There’s a motorized upholstery tool which can thoroughly clean sofas and chairs. The eraser tool is best suited for cleaning stairs, and you can also use it by itself for quick cleanups. Finally, there’s a dusting-crevice tool and an extension wand for vacuuming hard-to-reach areas.

For allergy sufferers, this vacuum is a godsend. It can capture fine dust and allergens through the SmartSeal System. This mechanism also stops dust and dander from escaping the vacuum’s vent. In addition to this, the Powerglide is outfitted with two filters. The first one is courtesy of Febreeze and is designed to absorb unpleasant animal odors. The second one is called a post-motor filter and provides an additional layer of protection as well as a 1-liter dust cup that is quick and easy to empty.

Not only is this vacuum cleaner ideal for pet owners, but it’s also beneficial to people who suffer from allergies. It’s powerful, versatile, and reasonably priced. Get it today for just $174 on Amazon.

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