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The best desktop monitor deal right now is at Dell for Prime Day

Two Dell 27 monitors next to each other with one facing forward and the other facing backward.

As Amazon wraps up its Prime Day deals on new monitors, other retailers are amping up to replace them. Take Dell, for instance. Dell has an awesome deal going on right now on its Dell 27 Monitor. You can grab this 27-inch monitor at a $120 discount — a huge price cut from its original price of $320 which gets you a sale price of $200.

Let’s be real, if you want to purchase a big, beautiful display like the Dell 27 Monitor, then you’re looking for a monitor that has loads of entertainment value. And if that’s what you want, you’ll be able to get just that with the Dell 27, and you’ll be able to get it at an affordable price too.

When it comes to entertainment, the Dell 27 is built for it as it features a QHD, ultra-thin-bezel display with IPS and AMD FreeSync technology. What does all of that mean? It means you’ll have a vivid and brilliant binge-watching and gaming experience. And even if this monitor tempts you into spending hours in front of it, your eyes should be just fine since the Dell 27 comes with ComfortView, “which reduces harmful blue light emissions,” according to Dell. The monitor also features dual HDMI ports which further support your console gaming and streaming habits.

You don’t have to wait any longer to get a display like the Dell 27 Monitor at a discount. And you don’t have to pay $320 for it either. It’s Prime Day and Dell’s selling this monitor for just $200 and effectively handing you a savings of $120. You can’t beat that.

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To help you get started on your Prime Day monitor shopping, we’ve curated a few of the best monitor deals we’ve found below.

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