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This desktop PC and monitor combo is perfect for a home office

Front angles of the Dell Inspiron desktop computer and the bundled Dell 24-inch monitor.

It’s rare that one of the best desktop computer deals is also one of the best desktop monitor deals, but today that’s the case, as Best Buy has bundled the Dell Inspiron compact desktop computer with a Dell 24-inch LED monitor, and priced the package at just $700. That’s a combined savings of $240, with a savings of $150 coming from the computer and a $90 savings on the monitor. Any offer that lets you take home a desktop computer and an HD monitor home for just $700 is worth pouncing on, and you won’t be the only one trying to do so, so click over to Best Buy now to claim this awesome bundle.

Dell has been one of the biggest names in computing for a long time, and it’s with good reason. It brings great value to a computer purchase, and with its performance capabilities, cool modern design, and expandability options, the Dell Inspiron compact desktop easily fits the Dell mold. It has a six-core Intel i5 processor, 12GB of RAM, and a 256GB solid-state drive as it’s spec’d for this deal, but it has the option to add more RAM and even more internal storage should that ever appeal to you. It’s also expandable externally, as it is able to connect to many devices through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and able to connect to devices such as monitors and hard drives with its many connectivity ports. It also has a built-in media reader for easy photo and video transfer.

When it comes to putting the Dell Inspiron compact desktop computer to work, it pairs perfectly with the Dell S2421NX 24-inch LED monitor that’s bundled in this deal. This is a great monitor for creatives and anyone who just likes to spread out at their desk with a little screen real estate, but it’s also great for gamers, as it has an impressive 75Hz refresh rate and a 4-millisecond response time. It features AMD FreeSync technology, which synchronizes the frame rate output between your graphics card and monitor. This dynamic refresh rate eliminates tearing, stuttering, and jerkiness, making for smoother gameplay, or smoother playback of fast-paced action, whether that may be come in the form of watching movies or editing your own.

When it comes to the best desktop computers and the best monitors, it’s rare to find two great options bundled together at such a low price. But right now at Best Buy, the Dell Inspiron compact desktop computer comes with a 24-inch Dell LED monitor, and you can have them both for just $700. It’s a $240 combined savings, and it’s also good reason to click over to Best Buy now.

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