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Are refurbished laptop deals worth the money?

Dell Latitude 5480 laptop on a white background with a country scene on screen.

When looking to buy a new laptop, there’s a heck of a lot to consider before you commit and hit that buy button. Besides knowing what specification you want, what brand you need, what size, and what budget you can afford, you also want to think about whether a refurbished laptop deal is right for you. There are some considerable pros but also a few cons to going the refurbished laptop route which is why we thought we’d break it down for you. That’s particularly important right now because Dell is currently offering 45% off its Dell Latitude 5480 range when you use the coupon code SAVE45ON5480, which just made a refurbished laptop deal way more tempting. Not sure? We’ll explain.

Knowing what refurbished means can be a little complicated. Effectively, these devices tend to have either been returns by customers, a simple change of mind by someone, or occasionally devices that have suffered minor cosmetic damage or a minor fault. Crucially though, the manufacturer fully tests the product and makes any repairs that are necessary so for your money, you basically get a product that’s as good as new but for less than usual.

That’s why refurbished laptop deals are often so cheap. In the case of the Dell Latitude 5480, you’re getting a laptop from one of the best laptop brands out there for way less than you would if you bought it brand new. That’s even more the case when you use the coupon code SAVE45ON5480 to reduce the price further.

You do need to take a look at what’s available though. In most cases, each Dell Latitude 5480 that’s on offer is a one-time deal. Individually specced, we’re talking subtle differences like different amounts of memory, storage space, or slight tweaks to the cosmetic grade. Whatever you choose, you’re getting a good deal but you need to be a bit savvier about checking the specs than simply hitting the buy button on the first one you see. Fortunately, Dell helps you out a little by highlighting where the best value is along with where the best performance comes from so you can weigh up what works for you.

You’ll also need to consider that you won’t have a brand-new shiny laptop. Sure, you get all the benefits, like a 100-day warranty and, well, an essentially new device for you to enjoy, but, psychologically, it might not feel quite as good as going all-in with a fully new purchase.

Honestly, though, that’s a small price to pay when you’re saving so much through this offer. With 45% off when you use the coupon code SAVE45ON5480 you’d be crazy to miss out on these huge savings. Be quick though. Dell stock flies out at speed, and with many of these refurbished Dell Latitude 5480 laptops only available on an individual basis, you really don’t have long left to grab an amazing deal.

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