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This powerful business laptop is over $1,000 off at Dell

Dell Vostro 7510 Laptop on a matte gray background with property rental and sales graphic and info on the display.

Now’s the time to shop for some of the best laptop deals of the year. School starts soon, which brings many laptop shoppers to the hunt. Also, tons of businesses start projects in the days after Labor Day. Shopper spending trains savvy computer manufacturers and retailers to offer back-to-school and back-to-work laptop deals. Case in point? Check out this amazing deal on a Dell Vostro 7510 Laptop. This powerhouse Dell laptop is ordinarily priced at $2,427, but for this sale Dell slashed the price by 51% down to just $1,199, a $1,228 savings. If you’ve been waiting to buy a business laptop that will do the heavy lifting for your projects, this is your deal.

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Why you should buy the Dell Vostro 7510 Laptop

There are plenty of additional attractive Dell laptop deals, depending on your needs, such as the best laptops for college and best gaming laptops. However, if you’re seeking a configuration to use in your business or professional practice, this 15-inch portable powerhouse from Dell is specially configured for durability and reliability as well as speed. A quick look at the Vostro 7510 Laptop’s core components will tell most performance laptop shoppers all they need to know. Starting with an Intel 11th-gen Intel Core i7 CPU with eight cores, a 24MB case and up to 4.60GHz processing. This model, as configured for this deal, also comes with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics card and 16 GB of RAM, so you have the specs to do all the computing for you, quickly, and more than enough memory so you the system won’t bog down when you’re multitasking or handling massive files.

The other features of this laptop are equally impressive. You may know that fast processors generate a lot of heat — you don’t want a laptop that’s too hot to hold in your lap. The Dell Vostro 7510 addresses heat buildup with a specially designed thermal system with dual heat extraction pipes in the laptop’s aluminum exterior shell to move heat away from the CPU and GPU with additional fan blades the circulate the hot air so it doesn’t sit at the bottom of the machine — i.e. your legs. Sounds like lots of fan noise, right? Yes, but Dell has a fluid dynamic bearing system (think moving fluids) that helps keep the fan noise down and incidentally prolong the system life. Other niceties in the Vostro 7510 include a backlit keyboard that’s spill resistant, a 15.6-inch diagonal Full HD display with a narrow bezels, and a spacious 1TB solid-state drive to store your software and files.

Dell’s Vostro 7510 Laptop isn’t a beginner’s machine, and it’s not a gaming laptop, either. This deal gets you a solid high-performance business machine. You can put it to other uses, but this laptop is all about performance and productivity. When you can save $1,228, or 51%, on a high-power Dell laptop and order it today for just $1,199 and not the normal $2,427 list price, why wait?

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