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Dell XPS 15 laptops are $420 off just in time for back-to-school

Dell XPS 13 laptop on a table

If you’re a parent or a student looking for cost-effective, versatile laptops for the back-to-school season, you should check out these Dell XPS deals. These powerful, dependable machines can handle even the most hectic of student workloads. In fact, Dell is offering a significant discount on the Dell XPS 15 right now and taking $420 off, bringing its price down from $1,950 to just $1,530.

This Dell XPS 13 comes equipped with a 9th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of high-speed memory, and a 512GB solid-state drive for storage. These add to a smooth experience for all kinds of tasks, including working with dozens of documents for a research paper, attending Zoom classes, and using cloud tools to collaborate with classmates. The keyboard is responsive, comfortable, and easy to type on, which is a big plus for writing long research papers and essays.

If you want to study in a library or café, it’s a great laptop to bring on the go. It’s thin and lightweight, starting at just four pounds, and sports a robust alumni construction with a carbon fiber palm rest. After the school week is done, you can use the Dell XPS 15 to unwind, too. It’s powered by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card and has a beautiful edge-to-edge 15.6-inch display with high brightness and a vivid array of colors, making it a fantastic media consumption machine. And don’t forget the touch screen!

As a powerful and sleek laptop to fulfill all your needs for the upcoming school year, you can’t go wrong with the Dell XPS 15. It’s already a great device — and it’s even better because you can get it on sale right now. Dell is currently offering it at a discount of $420 off, so you can purchase it for $1,530 from an original price of $1,950. This special back-to-school offer won’t last long, so you should check out this deal as soon as you can.

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