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Hurry! You’ll only see this Dell XPS desktop deal during Prime Day

Dell XPS Desktop PC

The 2021 Prime Day deals started rolling out yesterday and the two-day event is still going strong, but this year, you don’t have to limit yourself to Amazon (or even have a Prime membership) to shop the sales. Dell is running its own Prime Day sale concurrent with Amazon’s, delivering all sorts of great Prime Day PC deals and Prime Day laptop deals to shoppers in need of a new machine. If you’re in that camp and are looking for a capable and reliable workhorse computer, one of our favorite picks from the sale is this Dell XPS Desktop PC which is marked down by 300 bucks. Read on to find out what we love about it.

You might know the Dell XPS name from the line of excellent ultrabooks, but this umbrella also contains some excellent (and frankly under-appreciated) desktop PCs as well. This Dell XPS Desktop PC is one of them, and although it might not be as “sexy” as a 4K 2-in-1, it’s got pretty much everything you could want in a no-nonsense computer built for serious work. This XPS tower comes loaded with one of Intel’s latest 11th-generation Core processors, the Core i7-11700 with a max clock speed of 4.9GHz, which works with 16GB of 2933MHz DDR4 Ram to provide plenty of muscle for heavy workloads.

That 16GB of RAM is one stick, too, meaning you can easily upgrade the RAM to 32GB in the future if need be. In fact, unlike some other pre-built towers, the Dell XPS Desktop PC is purposefully designed to be easy to open without tools so you can add, upgrade, and expand the internal components if need be. You’ve got a big and fast 512GB SSD which gives you plenty of high-speed solid-state storage as well. And for networking, the Dell XPS Desktop boasts Wi-Fi 6 wireless, Bluetooth 5.1, and ethernet connectivity.

This is a beefy computer tower that will handle demanding software and heavy workloads for years to come, with its upgradeability adding even more future-proofing. In other words, you won’t have to replace this thing for quite a while, which makes it an even better value at this low price: Dell’s Prime Day sale knocks $300 off the price, letting you snag this excellent Dell XPS Desktop PC tower for just $800 for a limited time.

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