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DJI Spring Sale: Score a new DJI drone for as little as $399

Camera drones have come a long way in the past few years, with DJI cranking out some of the best consumer models on the market today. Its highly rated quadcopter lineup includes some of our own favorites They offer great aerial design and ease of use, and now you can welcome the warmer weather and save a bundle of cash on new and professionally refurbished drones with DJI’s ongoing spring sale. If you’ve been thinking about joining the camera drone craze and are looking for a good unit, these deals are your chance to score a quality model at a serious discount.

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro review
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

Considerably smaller than the full-sized Phantom lineup, DJI’s Mavic quadcopters feature folding propeller arms that let you easily stow your drone and take it on the go. The Mavic Pro packs the same 4K recording functionality and smart flying technology of the Phantom 4, so you’re not sacrificing capability for portability. A three-axis gimbal and automatic obstacle avoidance keep the drone safe and stable during flight, while an impressive 4.3-mile transmission range lets you stream video over long distances (1080p for short-range video streaming and 720p for long-range streaming).

This drone is normally $999, but you can currently score the Mavic Pro $899 during the DJI spring sale, netting you a nice $100 discount.

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DJI Spark

Yuneec Breeze vs. DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is an excellent, budget-friendly miniature drone perfect for someone who is considering a quadcopter but doesn’t want to spend a small fortune. One of the best drones you can get for less than $500, the Spark boasts an easy-to-use intelligent flight system and two-axis gimbal stabilization technology to keep your drone moving smoothly. You can easily control the remote from your phone using DJI’s Go app. The camera can record stable footage in crisp 720p HD resolution, snap pictures at 12 megapixels (including 4K still photos when not tracking an object), and stream real-time video right to your mobile device.

The DJI Spark is listed at $499, but a $100 spring discount brings this mini drone down to just $399. For a limited time, DJI is also throwing in a free remote controller with every Spark drone.

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DJI Phantom 4 (refurbished)

Another one of our favorite drones is the Phantom 4, DJI’s latest addition to the Phantom family. With this next-gen model, DJI rebuilt its Phantom drone from the ground up, and our review team noted that the nimble Phantom 4 is an absolute joy to fly. This sleek, all-white quadcopter features 4K recording capability, gimbal flight stabilization, and smart Vision Positioning, along with a few great additions. The ActiveTrack feature lets you pick out a moving object and direct the Phantom 4 to follow it, while built-in collision avoidance automatically prevents the drone from flying into obstacles. TapFly gets the drone airborne with a touch of your finger, and the GPS Smart Home Return feature brings your Phantom 4 back safely.

Listed at $899 new, the refurbished Phantom 4 is available for just $699. DJI’s refurbished quadcopter drones are in like-new condition and have been thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and tested, so you can buy with confidence.

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DJI Goggles


Unveiled last year, the DJI Goggles let you control your Mavic Pro in first-person while letting you see what your drone sees. The DJI Goggles work much like a high-end VR headset, with two 1080p screens and a motion sensor that lets you control your Mavic’s yaw or gimbal and camera tilt using head-tracking flight modes. Alternatively, Intelligent Flight Modes can send the Mavic moving by itself while your head movement controls the camera, so you can let your drone do its thing and just enjoy the ride.

The DJI Goggles are designed to work wirelessly with the Mavic Pro, but you can connect them via HDMI cable to other DJI models to watch footage from those devices in your headset. A $100 discount knocks the DJI Goggles down to $349 for a limited time.

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Update: Added the DJI Mavic Pro drone, DJI Spark drone, and DJI Goggles. Removed expired offers and updated prices.

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