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Have power anytime, anywhere with the new EcoFlow Power Kits

This content was produced in partnership with EcoFlow.

If you’re an RV owner, living off the grid, camping long-term, or are otherwise away from the amenities of civilization for any length of time, then one of the most important and difficult considerations is power. This isn’t merely about having portable chargers for your iPad and smartphones: You need power for cooking, lighting, and possibly even life-saving medical equipment. The new EcoFlow Power Kits are one such modular power solution that make it easier than ever to create a custom off-grid power setup tailored to your needs, and they just launched.

The EcoFlow power kit hooked up to a van.

EcoFlow is a leader in the power space that offers a number of smart energy solutions for the home, such as its excellent DELTA Pro Portable Power Station. Its new Power Kits are a bit different: Designed with modularity and compactability in mind, the EcoFlow Power Kits are geared toward off-grid living, but are much more capable than your standard portable power station or existing modular power solutions.

The Power Kits actually work in a similar fashion to the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel, albeit in a more portable package that’s built for RVs and other off-grid environments rather than a normal house. The Power Kit system is made up of various modules that you’ll select depending on your unique needs: Everything hooks up to the Power Hub, which installs in your vehicle, cabin, or wherever you need to run everything. Then, you can add whatever else you require, be it EcoFlow LFP Batteries, the AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel, or solar panels for a truly off-grid setup that can keep you charged up wherever life happens to take you.

EcoFlow Power Kits for off-grid living, installed.

Installation is easy. With its Power Kits, EcoFlow focused on eliminating needless complexity and cable clutter compared to other modular power solutions. In comparison, many existing modular power solutions have dozens of modules to deal with, while EcoFlow Power Kits only have 4 (excluding solar panels). Because there are fewer components, and fewer wires, the installation process of EcoFlow’s Power Kits is three times faster than the industry average. This is convenient for everyone, and allows non-professional DIY users to install the system on their own without difficulties.

You have multiple charging options including an alternator, shore power, the grid, solar panel, EcoFlow Smart Generator and traditional generators. With a maximum input of 6,000W, the EcoFlow Power Kits can fully recharge a 15KWh capacity system in 2.5 hours. Combining flexible and fast charging, it frees users from low-battery anxiety when they are traveling in their RVs or living off-grid.

The Power Hub acts as a central point for all inputs and outputs, and it can be connected to up to 3 5KWh LFP batteries to deliver up to a maximum 15KWh capacity. Of course, it reduces the number of parts and cables you need to get everything up and running, while providing enough flexibility for you to have an uninterrupted power supply when you need it most. Better still, you can control and monitor everything remotely via the EcoFlow app. The EcoFlow Power Hub is the industry’s first 5-in-1 central power system, featuring two MPPT solar charge controllers, a single MPPT battery charger, one DC-DC step-down converter, and one inverter-charger. By combining 5 components into one, it saves a ton of space, especially for those with limited space availability like in RVs, campers, and small cabins.

EcoFlow Power Kits for RV power systems.

The Power Hub easily replaces traditional 12/24V systems, thanks to its 48V capabilities, and is vastly superior in terms of safety and output. Furthermore, the Power Kits can be enhanced with the AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel, allowing connections to 6 home and RV AC circuits and up to 12 DC circuits. Power consumption can be monitored for all 18 of those circuits, and can be controlled for 6 of the DC circuits, all of which offers smarter energy management, whether through the EcoFlow mobile app or the Power Kit Console. So, not only is it more powerful, it’s smarter and more efficient too.

The new EcoFlow Power Kits are available as of July 5, providing campers, RV owners, and others a flexible, compact, easy-to-use, modular, and expandable power solution for off-grid living. Pricing starts at $3,799.

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