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Best Buy discounts this LG 4K monitor by $50, and it ships in time for Christmas

The time for sneaking big gifts under the tree is quickly running out. Thankfully there are still a few retailers keeping the last-minute shoppers in mind and offering great deals in the weekend leading up to Christmas. This compact LG monitor is available for only $380 at Best Buy right now. If that special someone in your life needs one more present to unwrap, grab this monitor before it’s too late. If Christmas isn’t a hard deadline for you, check out some other gaming monitor deals as well.

You can’t do better than a 4K monitor for gaming or high-quality media editing. This budget 4K monitor will make a great upgrade to an already powerful system. The 4K Ultra HD screen will give you a crisp, rich experience for both high definition movies and graphically intensive games. Ultra HD isn’t quite as strong as a true 4K monitor, but then again, this one won’t break the bank. And at 27 inches, it’s compact enough that it doesn’t need a crazy resolution. The LED screen will give you rich colors and deep blacks, and the anti-glare means watching games and movies while the sun’s out isn’t an issue. The stand it comes with is tilt-able, perfect for very tall folks and those of us who slouch down into our chairs.

The monitor has a 60 Hz refresh rate, so you won’t be wasting a powerful PC on a weak monitor. Running games and movies at high frame rates will look exactly as intended – smooth and flawless. The FreeSync technology built into the monitor even matches the frame rate of the monitor with your graphics card. The monitor has two HDMI ports, so you can switch between a PC and a console easily without any fussy unplugging.

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Christmas deals are getting thinner and thinner as we near the day itself. Grab these last-minute presents while you can. Or maybe you just need a high def monitor to watch a virtual Yule Log while you unwrap your own presents. We won’t judge! Either way, $50 off a 4K UHD monitor at Best Buy is a great deal. You can also check out some other great desktop monitor deals. Good luck with your last-minute savings!

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