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This insane 32-inch QLED monitor is an absolute steal at Walmart today

LG 32 UltraGear QHD Monitor at an angle with white background.

Putting together a gaming rig? You’ll want to check out a variety of components and options, including the latest gaming monitor deals, general gaming deals, gaming headset deals, and, of course, gaming PC deals. There sure is a lot to think about.

Gaming monitors are usually last on the list, but you may want to prioritize this one. Today, Walmart is offering the LG 32-inch UltraGear QHD HDR 10 Monitor, which has a refresh rate of 165Hz, for $249 with free two-day delivery. That’s $100 off the regular price.

When it comes to a gaming or media monitor for your PC, you want a high resolution, which offers a high-fidelity picture, and a good refresh rate for smooth onscreen action. The LG 32-inch UltraGear QHD Monitor features both of those, with a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 at a refresh rate of 165Hz. A 1-millisecond response time ensures quick reaction times and ultra-fluid experiences. The 27-inch model is one of the best gaming monitors for use with the PlayStation 4. The 32-inch is quite a bit bigger, but it would work excellently with gaming consoles, too. Of course, it works great with gaming PCs if that’s your preference.

AMD FreeSync compatibility is included as well, so it works best with AMD GPUs — though any GPU will do just fine. HDR 10 and sRGB 95% deliver crisp, sharp, and accurate color tones and edges. The sleek design of the monitor means it will look great on any desk, to boot. There’s a lot to love here, and you haven’t even heard the inputs yet. This monitor has two HDMIs, a DisplayPort, and a headphone out for isolated audio.

Right now, Walmart is offering the LG 32-inch UltraGear QHD HDR 10 Monitor for $100 off, when it’s normally $349. That means you can grab it for $249 with free two-day delivery and have it on your doorstep within the next few days. If you have a recent GPU, this monitor is an excellent pairing.

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