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Secure your home during the Lorex Smart Home Solutions week sale

Lorex, one of the biggest names in home security equipment, has a sale on right now and there are some big savings to be had. Whether you’re simply looking for an individual security camera for inside your home or you’re looking to invest in a full security system of cameras for both indoors and outdoors, there are some fantastic deals available via Lorex right now. Lorex equipment comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as standard. Unlike many other security devices, there are no monthly fees to worry about because a MicroSD comes pre-installed, offering local storage and playback opportunities. Once you buy, it’s all yours. Let’s take a look through some of the highlights of the Lorex sale so you can make your home safer in no time.

Lorex 1080p Full HD Smart Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera — $35, was $40

Lorex 1080p Full HD Smart Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera on a white background.

Normally priced at $40, the Lorex 1080p Full HD Smart Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera is an ideal quick indoor monitoring solution for your apartment or home. Designed for easy installation and straightforward remote viewing, you can use it in conjunction with the Lorex Home app to always see what’s going on at home. It has full 1080p HD resolution, 2-way talk, plus infrared night vision, and person detection technology so it has all the basics covered. The 115-degree wide angle diagonal field of view means you can monitor an expansive area, plus the flexible camera head can bend up to 90 degrees. A 16GB MicroSD comes pre-installed for storing content. There’s support for Google Assistant and Alexa, too.

Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Video Doorbell — $80, was $100

Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Video Doorbell on a white background.

With $20 off, this is the ideal time to snap up the Lorex 1080p full HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. The doorbell offers full 1080p recording, infrared night vision, plus 2-way talk options so you can easily see who’s calling around before talking to them via the Lorex Home app. The video doorbell offers a 160-degree diagonal field of view so it captures all the action, and a a 16GB MicroSD card stores the video for playback later. You can keep all your footage private with no need to pay for expensive monthly cloud storage fees. Moreover, you can use existing doorbell wiring, so there’s no need to rewire the space if you already have that available.

Lorex Home Center with Four 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras and 2K Video Doorbell — $580, was $760

Lorex Home Center with Four 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras and 2K Video Doorbell on a white background.

With a huge $180 off, this is the ideal time to invest in the Lorex Home Center with Four 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras and 2K Video Doorbell. It offers everything you could need, with the Lorex Home Center teaming up with all other Lorex devices for added convenience. Through this pack, you can keep an eye on exactly what’s going on around the outside of your home courtesy of the outdoor cameras while the 2K video doorbell means you can see who’s calling around before deciding whether to answer them. The 4:3 aspect ratio also helps to ensure you get a full-screen view of the camera’s feed, compared to the more traditionally used 16:9 ratio, which wastes screen space with cinematic black bars. There are no monthly fees to pay and all the video and still footage is saved to the included 64GB MicroSD card so it’s very private. Each outdoor Wi-Fi camera offers 1080p Full HD resolution, 2-Way Talk, and Color Night Vision. A Smart Deterrence mode means you can activate a warning siren or LED warning light to deter people who might be calling around, which pairs nicely with the Person and Vehicle Detection. The 2K doorbell offers pre-motion recording, ring notifications, 164-degree diagonal field of view, 4:3 aspect ratio, plus exceptional picture quality. Combined with the Lorex Home Center, you’ll always have the peace of mind of knowing what’s going on at home.

Lorex Home Center with 2 Indoor and 6 Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras — $630, was $840

Lorex Home Center with 2 Indoor and 6 Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras on a white background.

To fully protect your home and have the peace of mind of knowing your loved ones are safe, you need the Lorex Home Center with 2 Indoor and 6 Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras. It has everything you could need. There’s the Lorex Home Center for keeping an eye on everything along with an extensive array of indoor and outdoor cameras. The outdoor Wi-Fi cameras offer 1080p Full HD resolution along with 2-Way Talk, Person and Vehicle Detection, Color Night Vision, and Smart Deterrence. The indoor cameras also provide 1080p Full HD resolution along with 2-Way Talk, Person Detection, a wide-angle diagonal field of view, plus infrared night vision. In all cases, you can see what’s going on via the Lorex Home app or the Lorex Home Center so you’re always prepared. It’s the ultimate solution, simply put.

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