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This is the only MacBook Air Black Friday deal worth buying today

The official 24 hours of Black Friday are already over, but there are still lots of great deals available from all of the top retailers. Included among them are some great MacBook Air Black Friday deals, including this one, which knocks $170 off the price of a MacBook Air, bringing it down to $829 from $999. In fact, with the new M1 model MacBook Air closing in on its first birthday, it will continue to be one of the best Black Friday MacBook deals, and one of the best Black Friday laptop deals as well. Many of the best Black Friday deals still remain, including a great deal on the M1 MacBook Air at B&H.

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Today’s best MacBook Air Black Friday deal

The M1 MacBook Air sits in front of a window.

With the announcement of the M1 chip, Apple raised the bar for mobile computing. Now that it’s in the MacBook Air, you can get an ultra-lightweight, portable laptop that performs spectacularly. Always a great deal even before a discount, the MacBook Air is available today at B&H for only $829, which is a $170 savings on its regular price of $999. Apple products are a hot commodity any time of the year — and rarely go on sale — and the MacBook Air is its most affordable laptop, so grab one quickly while inventory lasts.

In our review of the Apple MacBook Air M1, we called it fast, fanless, and absolutely fantastic. It’s an amazingly efficient device that brings previously unseen specs and results to an everyday laptop. The Apple MacBook Air offers an astonishing combination of power and battery life, with the 8-core M1 chip delivering 3.5x faster performance over previous MacBook Air generations, and the battery bringing up to an amazing 18 hours of life. That makes it a perfect combination for professionals, students, and content creators alike.

The Apple MacBook Air also boasts Apple’s legendary design and software ecosystem. Its minimal frame and classy metal body look good wherever you take your computing life, and Apple services like iCloud, Apple Music, and Apple TV+ make your digital experience a joy. Compatibility with apps such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft 365, and Google Drive extends the pleasant user experience so common with Apple devices.

If you aren’t sure if the MacBook Air M1 is right for you, read why the M1 MacBook Air is still an excellent buy today. But if you’ve made up your mind, grab this great deal at B&H now. The Apple MacBook Air is only $829, marked down from its regular price of $999, for a great Black Friday saving of $170. Snag this deal quickly while it’s still available.

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When does this MacBook Air Black Friday deal end?

It’s tricky to say when this particular MacBook Air Black Friday deal will end, as B&H hasn’t provided an expiration date for the offer. We’re willing to bet that there’s a limited amount of stock available, though, and considering this is a special Black Friday deal, it’s looking unlikely it will still be running over the weekend. Even if the deal is still available, stock will likely run out by then anyway, particularly with high demand in the run-up to the holidays and the ongoing global chip shortage.

We wouldn’t advise waiting around if this MacBook Air Black Friday deal has caught your eye. That’s because the offer could expire at any second. B&H could decide it’s time the deal ended, or stock might run out, leaving you disappointed. The best time to pick up this deal is right now, and if you find a better deal later, you can always cancel your existing order. It’s unlikely your order will be processed the same day, as retailers are processing a huge volume of orders for Black Friday.

Should you shop this Microsoft Office Black Friday deal or wait until Cyber Monday?

Black Friday deals are not limited to just one day — there’s also Cyber Monday to take into consideration. That probably has you wondering whether you should hold off until Cyber Monday rather than picking up this great MacBook Air deal today. The truth is, waiting around probably isn’t your best bet.

Apple products rarely go on sale, and even when they do, they aren’t often discounted by much. At the same time, we’re in the middle of a global microchip shortage, which means product stock is likely quite limited. Combined, that makes the $170 savings on this MacBook Air very rare indeed — and it’ll probably be in high demand, too. So, if the MacBook Air seems like the right deal for you, it’s in your best interest to get it now rather than waiting until Cyber Monday, when it might be sold out.

If Cyber Monday rolls around and you see a better deal, you can always cancel your Black Friday purchase or return it for your money back. But in the end, that probably won’t be necessary, as we doubt Cyber Monday will offer deals better than those on Black Friday.

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