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This is one of the last ways to get an Xbox Series S delivered by Christmas

Xbox Series S console on a grey background.
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Given the large amount of scalping worldwide with gaming consoles right now, we wouldn’t blame you for keeping your eyes open for Xbox Series S and X deals to try and get them at a reasonable price. Well, today is your lucky day, and if you really, really hurry, you can grab yourself an Xbox Series S for $389.97, down from $424.97, so you get a $35 savings on the console. This deal is even better because it comes with both an Xbox Pulse Red Wireless Controller and an Xbox Stereo Headset.

The Series S is the younger brother of the Series X, and while not as bulky and with as much under the hood, it’s still a great little console to start gaming on. Unlike its bigger brother, the Series S doesn’t come with a disc drive for you to pop games or Blu-ray discs into. Instead, it’s a “digital-only” console, which is partially why it’s cheaper and relies on you having a good internet connection to get your games delivered digitally. It’s also much smaller in size, so it’s easier to fit in your cabinet if your living room doesn’t have the space for a great big box.

The difference between the Xbox Series X vs. Series S goes under the hood, too, with the Series S having a smaller 512GB internal SSD, 10GB of memory instead of 12GB, and about a third of the performance at 4 TFLOPS. Granted, all this may seem bleak; the truth is that it’s geared towards a more budget-minded gamer who doesn’t necessarily need 120Hz at 4k. Not only that, but games work across both the Series X and Series S without a problem, so if you find some good video game deals, you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

The Series S Bundle from Dell is easily one of the best gaming deals you’ll find today. Not only because you can get a $35 savings on the Series S, but because you also get an included Red Xbox Controller and an Xbox headset. So it’s a great way to save yourself some cash in getting a second controller, which almost everybody does, as well as a nice headset to game on.

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