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There’s still time to lose weight from home with a free Noom subscription

Stuck at home and worried about gaining weight or becoming less fit? A Noom free trial is what you need to keep you in check. It offers personalized coaching advice that specifically targets where you need help most.

Right now, Noom is offering a two-week free trial but you need to be quick about getting on board the personalized coaching train. The mobile app offers a one-to-one coaching plan that does everything possible to help you get fit for good, lose weight, or both. It’s a great way of making sure you have the body and lifestyle you want once you’re able to head outdoors again.

Noom tackles lifestyle changes, encouraging you to develop new healthier habits than before, rather than simply have you lose weight rapidly but through temporary measures that never last. It’s well documented that a lifestyle change is much more effective at helping you maintain your fitness goals than a fast fad diet, and Noom embraces that. It’s been designed by behavioral psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainers to ensure it always offers the most sustainable lifestyle changes for you.

Unlike other apps, you receive actual feedback from human coaches during business hours every day, rather than simply receiving A.I.-generated notifications. The app creates a personalized calorie breakdown for your daily diet based on what you’re doing that day, before tracking your food intake and exercise levels. It also keeps an eye on your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, so you’ll soon know if you are having any of those issues.

With such a strong focus on empowerment, Noom isn’t just about doing what it tells you to do, but about learning how to make impactful and healthier changes to your life. Understanding nutrition is a key way of boosting your life, as well as your energy levels.

Noom ordinarily costs $49 per month but right now you can enjoy two weeks for free to see if it’s for you. Compared to the price of a personal trainer session, it’s a pretty good deal with the two-week free trial having no risk attached to it. While you’re stuck indoors, why not give it a whirl and see if it makes a difference? Noom reckons its users can lose an average of 18 pounds in just 16 weeks if they follow the plan carefully.

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