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This Samsung tablet costs less than an iPad and has better features

Photo shows somebody taking notes using the S pen on a Galaxy S6 Lite tablet

This year’s Prime Day deals have seen plenty of cheap tablets, but this is something special. While the iPad is always going to be one of our top recommendations for a basic tablet, a world of crazy Prime Day tablet deals means we’re forced to change that recommendation every now and again. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has gone on sale for just $250, and when combined with a free S Pen, this mighty $100 discount has taken a place as our must-buy tablet right now. However, if this deal still doesn’t convince you, head over to the Black Friday tablet deals for even more affordable options.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is the last generation’s model of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series, but it still holds up in 2020 because of its modest hardware, but mostly thanks to its large, 10.4-inch LCD display. The design isn’t bezel-less, but the bezels are a great deal slimmer than those you’ll find on the basic iPad, and it includes Dolby Atmos surround sound that’s tuned by AKG. Thanks to that, this is a tablet that can produce some excellent sound.

Samsung’s S Pen is included in the sale as well, making this a tempting offer for artists and scrawlers alike — a first-generation Apple Pencil would set you back a further $100 if you bought the iPad, making this an even bigger deal. While 64GB isn’t a huge amount of storage by any means, it beats the standard 32GB offered by the iPad, and thanks to MicroSD card support, you can boost that by a further 1TB to boot. It’s made from metal (for that premium feel), and there’s an all-day battery as well.

The kicker? Well, it’s not likely to be as powerful as the iPad — but if you’re not using it for power-hungry tasks and just want a basic tablet, then it’s hard to turn this deal down. With an advanced stylus, big 10.4-inch display, and Dolby Atmos available for just $250, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is, right now, a better deal than the iPad. But make sure you grab it quickly, as stock isn’t likely to last long at this price.

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