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Save a hefty $131 on the Shark Ion 750 robot vacuum at Amazon

Shark Ion Robot 750 review
Terry Walsh/Digital Trends

Robot vacuums have improved dramatically over the years. Their suction power has exponentially increased despite their tiny bodies, and they’re now made even more advanced that you can control them through your phone or voice command. Robot vacuums haven’t gone as completely mainstream as regular vacuums because of their relatively high cost, but thanks to Ecovacs and Shark, you can now have your very own state-of-the-art robot vac for a lot less money.

One such robot vacuum is the Shark Ion 750, which is currently enjoying a massive discount on Amazon. Get this Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuum for a whopping $131 off. Normally worth $380, shell out $249 for this helpful little guy.

The Shark Ion 750 sports a traditional, puck-like shape like other robot vacuums, which helps prevent it from getting stuck underneath furniture. It boasts dual spinning side brushes that pull dirt and debris into its path which gets gobbled up by a removable, self-cleaning brush roll. At the back of it is a detachable dust cup. This robot comes with a charging dock, cleaning tool, and Bot Boundary strips that you can place in areas where you want it to keep away from. It usually takes about three hours to fully charge, after which you can press the Clean button on top for it to start cleaning. There’s a Dock button right next to the Clean button to make the robot return to the charging dock. Actually, you don’t have to do this manually, since the robot will automatically return to the charging dock once it’s about to lose power. Finally, pressing the Spot button will make the robot clean a specific area more rigorously. All of these, plus setting up cleaning schedules, can be done remotely through the mobile app. You can also control the robot through voice command via Alexa and Google Assistant.

Equipped with proximity sensors, this robot is smart enough to assess its surroundings so it can avoid obstacles. The sensors allow it to make its way around cables and prevents it from smashing into walls. However, this robot has the tendency to ram through table legs, sofas, and chairs with nary a care. Thankfully, it has a spring-loaded, rubberized bumper on the front which lessens the impact so the robot won’t sustain any serious damages. If it gets stuck, it will give off a cheerful chime and alert you of its location on the app so you can help it.

The Shark Ion 750 is a reliable robot vacuum that boasts enough smart features and, more importantly, is excellent at cleaning floors. Its navigational system isn’t perfect compared to robot vacs equipped with cameras, but for something that costs less than $300, it’s a genuine bang for your buck.

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