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Grab this $160 Shark ION RV700 robot vac from Walmart before sale goes away

If you’ve been in the market for a robotic vacuum cleaner but haven’t yet pulled the trigger, now’s your chance. The Shark ION RV700 is 47% off its normal price of $300. You can pick it up at Walmart for just $160. This is the best price yet for the Shark ION RV700, a popular option for robot vacuum enthusiasts because of just how efficient it is.

The Shark ION line is often compared to Roomba due to how well it cleans. A dual-brush setup means the RV700 gathers dirt and debris with ease and leaves your floor spotless. An array of smart sensors allow it to navigate throughout your home while proximity sensors help it dodge obstacles in real time. You can schedule specific times for the Shark ION RV700 to clean your home so that you avoid the sound of its cleaning, although the noise isn’t loud by any means.

The RV700 has a low profile that lets it skim beneath the majority of furniture and clean even the not-often-seen areas of the home. You don’t have to worry about it getting jammed due to what it picks up, either; the RV700 is capable of untangling long hair, string, and fibers that might otherwise interfere with the brushes. The RV700 can clean for an hour at a time. When it finishes cleaning (or when the battery is low), it automatically returns to its dock to charge.

The price of $160 won’t last long. It’s a great time to buy the RV700. On the other hand, there is a lower-end Roomba available for just a bit more. The Roomba 670 is on sale at Walmart for $197, $103 less than its normal price. The two machines are similar, but the Roomba 670 has a few features the RV700 does not. For instance, it can detect dirtier areas of the floor and focus-clean just those areas. It also has a runtime of 90 minutes versus the RV700’s 60 minutes.

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