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Synology DiskStation DS220+ just got an insane discount for Prime Day 2021

Synology 2-Bay NAS DiskStation DS220+

If you’re looking to upgrade your tech on the cheap, then the Prime Day deals have arrived to bring you the best chance of the summer to do so and save big. For the two-day sale, Amazon is offering the Synology DiskStation DS220+ network-attached storage bay for a 24% discount that lets Prime members grab it for $228 for a limited time. Read on to see why the Synology DiskStation might be the network-connected storage solution for you, but if you want to explore some other options and don’t necessarily need NAS, be sure to check out these Prime Day external hard drive deals as well.

Data storage is cheaper per gigabyte than ever, and there’s a myriad of storage devices on the market today to cover this need. Sometimes, though, you need more storage space and flexibility than a standard external hard drive can deliver, whereas a full server tower or rack might simply be overkill for your application. Enter network-attached storage solutions like the Synology DiskStation DS220+, which effectively acts as your own private mini-server.

The Synology DiskStation is, at its most basic, a hard drive bay with ethernet ports, allowing you to connect it to a local network to upload and download files from your personal cloud. The applications for this are numerous: You can store large files like movies or work projects, allowing you to share them with others or simply access them yourself remotely. A network-attached storage system also lets you easily manage your digital lifestyle (think photos, videos, financial documents, etc.) and private data quickly and securely. And unlike online cloud storage solutions, which can be slow at the best of times (not to mention that such “clouds” are just servers owned by somebody else), your NAS is entirely under your possession and control.

The Synology DiskStation DS220+ features dual bays for two hard drives and its two ethernet ports deliver up to 225 MB/s read speeds and 192 MB/s write speeds. It runs on a dual-core Intel processor with 2GB DDR4 RAM (which you can expand up to 6GB) as well. For Prime Day, Prime members can score the Synology DiskStation DS220+ dual-bay network-attached storage device for $228 after a nice 24% discount knocks 72 bucks off its usual price.

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