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Manage your weight and your wallet with 50% off Weight Watchers (WW)

Feel in need of losing a little weight and getting a bit more in shape while you’re stuck indoors and keen to focus on resolutions? WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers, has just launched a huge 50% off sale and it’s also offering the first month free with the purchase of select plans. If you’re keen on losing weight, and want the support network that comes with WW, this is the fitness service to go for.

WW offers three different plans which cover a range of different weight loss needs.

The Digital plan works out at only $3 per week and provides you with access to the WW app, which allows you to track everything you’re eating and doing throughout the day. It also provides you with live coaching, meditations, audio workouts, and expert techniques so you’re constantly motivated to do well every day. It’s an ideal, inexpensive dose of encouragement for achieving your goals.

Alternatively, if you want to participate in weekly Zoom sessions with others embarking on a healthier lifestyle, there’s the Workshop plan which works out at about $6 per week. Each week, you can join the workshop and learn about such topics as the importance of portion control, the need for self-compassion, and everything you wanted to know about carbs and other nutritional information. When the WW studios reopen, you can then head to the appointments in person and meet up with others working on becoming their better selves.

Finally, for about $9 per week, there’s the Coaching plan which provides you with everything that the Digital plan offers along with a customized plan and one-on-one support from a WW coach who knows exactly what your goals are and how to achieve them. You get unlimited support via this method with free weekly calls from your personal coach along with 24/7 live coaching in the app any time you need the extra encouragement.

At a time when you’re stuck at home, this is the ideal opportunity to work on your fitness and health goals. With the prices on Weight Watcher deals so low, grab the chance now. After all, you don’t need to pay anything for the first month.

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