Porn star August Ames wants to improve your sex life with virtual reality

August Ames VR
Porn star August Ames wants to help you improve your sex life.

The prolific 360-degree adult actress has already starred in a dozen VR scenes. But nothing is quite like Badoink’s Virtual Sexology. The 360-degree sex education experience was designed by marriage and family therapist Hernando Chavez to help men connect with their real-life girlfriend or wife.

“It was the first time in VR where I was doing breathing techniques and things that you don’t normally think are sexy,” Ames said. “It’s sensual for the viewer because they breathe when I breath. And we teach things like the start and stop technique.”

“VR helps viewers more than just watching a scene where the guy man-handles the girl.”

Anyone who watches the Showtime TV series, Masters of Sex, will be familiar with that technique, and others introduced to the world by Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson. The goal of the eight short, 360-degree sex scenes featuring Ames is to blend education with adult entertainment.

“Sex education is powerful in VR because the focus is on the girl talking to the viewer, and we’re telling them what we like,” Ames said. “That helps viewers more than just watching a scene where the guy man-handles the girl.”

Virtual Sexology was also filmed to work with teledildonic technology, which means people who own the Kirroo Onyx will find further stimulation in virtual reality. The Onyx allows males to insert their member into the device, and the movements of Ames are replicated through it.

“With the Onyx when they edit the video they can sync up my hand with the toy, so it will stimulate the toy and give them the sensation that my hand is touching them,” Ames said. “It feels like I’m there doing it to you.”


Even without the ability to reach out and touch someone, there’s a reason the porn industry is profiting from 360-degree video content.

“It becomes this intimate thing where they think, ‘She’s doing this to me,’” Ames said. “We’re talking to them and they can feel us. It’s beneficial to lonely people in particular, where we’re their girlfriend.”

“We’re talking to them, and they can feel us. It’s beneficial to lonely people, in particular.”

Ames’ first exposure to VR was through a 360-degree video of a roller coaster ride. She immediately knew, even after that brief experience, that VR could change pornography forever – and put the porn industry on the leading edge of a new technology.

“VR is already a positive for the industry, especially with the tube sites where everyone is getting porn for free,” Ames said. “With everyone talking about VR, once you experience it, you can’t go back to regular videos. It’s not the same. Already I’m seeing lots of people asking me to shoot more VR scenes. I feel like this is the future.”

Ames believes virtual reality will help some of her fans out in more ways than one.

August Ames

“They don’t know me, but they know August — she’s their fantasy,” Ames said. “That connection makes them feel so close to me; they feel like they know me. I like that I can help them out sexually. Some guys don’t have the self esteem to go out and get a girlfriend.”

Ames is there for anyone who subscribes to Her fans can not only connect with her, but also learn from her how to form a more intimate connection with a real-life lover. In a strange way, it’s a historic moment for virtual reality – a blend of virtual and real intimacy that most people would’ve called science fiction just a few years ago.


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