Logitech KINETIK 15.4 Backpack Review

Logitech KINETIK 15.4 Backpack
“If our laptops should ever go airborne, we'll be glad the Kinetik will help break the fall.”
  • Thick padding; tough exo-shell; lots of storage and compartments
  • Price can be considered high for some people


There’s hardly a single computer-using person who hasn’t heard of Logitech or somehow used one of their keyboards, speakers, mice or other products. Logitech hardware is about as well known as Gateway or Compaq. But did you know that Logitech makes backpacks and briefcases for laptop users? And we’re not talking about flimsy, last-one-month products. These are tough and durable, and they look cool. Let’s take a look at the Kinetick 15.4 Backpack.

The Kinetik 15.4 Backpack is a new item by Logitech. Billed as a “premium notebook bag”, the Kinetick features an unusual “exo-shell” protective layer on the front of the pack that’s made of a mildly flexible plastic material. Under the exo-shell is a very large compartment with padded velcro-sealing pockets, a mesh cargo hold that will fit lots of power cords, computer mice, snacks, etc. There are also several credit card or business card holders, pen holders and a deep, deep folio pocket for books, notepads, a secondary laptop, etc. The final item in this section of the Kinetik is a wide and deep zippered pouch, excellent for cash, note pads, memory cards, etc.

At the very top of the Kinetik is another zippered storage pouch, large enough for point-and-shoot cameras, iPods and more.

The main storage bay is huge. There’s a double padded, felt lined slip for large laptop computers. The bay fits 15.4″ laptops and even the 17″ MacBook Pro. 15.4″ laptops will not slosh around – there’s plenty of padding to keep the laptop snug. And the elastic velcro strap will make sure the laptop doesn’t flop out of its bay if the laptop is dropped or accidentally opened while inverted.

Still in the main storage bay, there’s an open slot for papers, not-too-thick books, etc. Another storage bay has a rigid lining on one side and a thick padded lining on the other. Finally, a non-closing slip near the top of the storage bay can hold four (4) iPods – or whatever else you’d want to put there.

Logitech Kinetik 15.4 backpack
Look at the room in this bag!

The back of the Kinetik is thickly padded and has a tough (but still soft and comfortable) nylon carrying strap. There’s a zippered storage pouch under the back padding and it’s big enough to fit a PSP, a couple decks of cards or a few hand-fulls of cash. The backpack shoulder straps are very impressive – tough and sturdy, super thick with padding and extra wide for overall comfort. The right shoulder strap has a zippered iPod pouch with a tiny rubberized flap for threading your headphones through. It’s a pretty nice setup.

True to Logitech’s word, the Kinetik backpack is tough. The laptop bay is very well protected by extra thick layers both above and below the face of the laptop. Even the sidewalls are padded for extra protection.

As for looks – the Kinetik is geek chic. It’s a bit unusual – maybe a conservative blend of Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hugo Boss. We at Digital Trends like it very much. If our laptops should ever go airborne, we’ll be glad the Kinetik will help break the fall. The Kinetik is available for $99 USD at logitech.com and other retailers.


• Thick padding
• Tough exo-shell
• Lots of storage


• $99 USD is high for a backpack

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