Age of Empires 4 is finally happening, and this is the first gameplay trailer

After it was officially announced back in 2017, Microsoft released a new gameplay trailer for Age of Empires IV during the X019 presentation in London.

The new teaser for the upcoming title displays a battle set sometime during the middle ages with two civilizations duking it out — the Mongols and the English. As you can see in the trailer, both forces are facing off in an epic battle for supremacy, although it;s been teased that more civilizations will be added into the game. >Age of Empires 4 >is currently in development by Relic Entertainment with Xbox Game Studios serving as the game;s publisher.>

In addition to >A>>ge of Empire IV> receiving a new teaser trailer, Xbox also announced that this past June, it had opened a brand-new game studio called World’s Edge. With the company confirming that this studio will be devoted to creating new projects pertaining to the >Age of Empires> franchise. The newly formed studio is led by Shannon Loftis, the former head of Xbox Game Studios Global Publishing Group.>

It is unknown when >Age of Empires IV> will officially launch as Microsoft has yet to unveil a launch window. However>Age of Empires IV> will release on Windows 10 PCs, with an Xbox One or Xbox Scarlett port still up in the air.>

>Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition> was also released on the Microsoft Windows Store and Steam today. With the remastered version of the critically-acclaimed real-time strategy game, which includes 4K resolutions and higher-resolution models, as well as a new single-player campaign not available in the original game nor its HD remaster titled >The Last Khans>. So, despite a release date for >Age of Empires IV> still yet to be announced, fans of the series can indulge in some new content while we wait for the next installment.>

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