Alien: Isolation’s message of the day? Running is death

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Here’s a tip you learn very quickly when you play Alien: Isolation for the first time: Breaking into a flat-out sprint is a surefire way to end up on the business end of a rampaging Xenomorph.

Isolation does away with heavy action and gunplay in favor of a more cerebral frightfest. Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda is out looking for her lost mother following the events of the film Alien, and the investigation leads her to a space station that happens to have become the nesting place for a single, full-grown Xeno. You only ever have to deal with one of the series’ monsters in the game, but one is more than enough in Isolation‘s cat-and-mouse hunt.

Sega releases the Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation on October 7, a once-crowded release date that has seen other high-profile releases flee for later (and, in one case, earlier) launches. That leaves the survival horror title in a great spot, with nothing other than a sports sim and a racing game to compete with. Check out the latest trailer for a peek at one gruesome end that almost certainly awaits you.