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Apex Legends Warriors event brings back beloved Control mode

Apex Legends is getting its second event in season 12. Titled Warriors, the collection event brings the return of the fan-favorite Control mode, a variety of new skins, a brand-new Crypto heirloom, and more. The event will start on March 29 and run until April 12, giving players two weeks to grab all the cosmetics they want and reexperience the magic of Control.

Apex Legends Warriors Collection Event

Control is back, but only for the duration of the event. The mode will include a new zone to fight in called Caustic Treatment from Kings Canyon. The zone has been updated for the special 9-versus-9 mode with new ziplines for increased mobility, structures for added cover, and skydive launchers to help players reposition themselves. The zone takes advantage of Caustic Treatment’s natural flow and defensibility to prompt the large-scale fights Control is known for.

Arena mode will also be getting a new map called Drop-Off, a battle zone that sits atop a tower overlooking a futuristic city. Players will be able to take advantage of interior and exterior zones to outplay their foes — as long as they don’t fall off the edge of the tower. The map is permanent and will remain in the Arena map pool after the event ends.

Warriors will come with 24 new limited-time cosmetics, including a variety of legendary and epic skins for both legends and guns. The usual event reward tracker will display players’ progress through daily challenges. Collecting all 24 cosmetics grants Crypto’s new heirloom, the Biwon Blade. Players will also be able to purchase limited-edition cosmetic bundles from the in-game store.

Apex Legends’ Warriors Collection Event begins on March 29 and runs until April 12.

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