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Apex Legends’ new character, Mad Maggie, has a dark history

Apex Legends developer Respawn has given fans a first peek at the game’s 12th season and its newest playable character. As revealed in a new entry in the Stories from the Outlands series of animated shorts, Mad Maggie will be the next legend to join the fray.

Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Judgment”

The Apex Legends website has been updated to reflect more of the updates coming in Season 12, including changes to Olympus, a new limited-time mode, and rewards for the game’s third anniversary. Even more information will be revealed on January 27, when the launch trailer for the season drops.

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Mad Maggie poses in Apex Legends key art.

The Stories from the Outlands short, titled Judgment, revealed more of her backstory, including how she came to join the Apex Games. She was supposed to be sentenced to death for sedition against the Syndicate organization, which absorbed her home world of Salvo. Maggie was originally a freedom fighter, working to keep Salvo out of the Syndicate’s hands, but her efforts ultimately couldn’t keep them apart. Instead of being sentenced to death, she is sent to the Apex Games, where she will battle to the death.

This isn’t the first time Mad Maggie has appeared in Apex. In season eight — otherwise known as Mayhem — Maggie was an announcer who bestowed different limited-time changes to the main battle royale mode during the duration of the event. In lore, she is a friend of Fuse.

Starting in Season 12, players will be able to participate in Control, a new limited-time mode. Players will face off in nine-versus-nine teams while attempting to hold specific control points. Like in Arenas, players will be able to choose their loadout, and there will be infinite respawn opportunities within the mode. Control will only be available for the first three weeks of the season.

In addition to the new mode, Respawn is teasing changes to the Olympus map, which hasn’t been in rotation at all during Season 11. As usual, Season 12 will also mark the start of a new battle pass and a new ranked season.

Apex Legends‘ Season 12 begins on February 8.

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