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How to get Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

Apex Legends uses a variety of in-game currencies to facilitate character unlocks and customization options. Crafting Metals and Apex Coins might be the most popular forms of currency, but Legend Tokens are arguably just as important. They’re not easy to come by, yet they offer some significant benefits and are worth chasing down.

Here’s how to get Legend Tokens in Apex Legends, the fastest ways to farm them, and what they can be used to purchase.

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How to get Legend Tokens

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Legend Tokens cannot be purchased with real cash. In fact, there’s only one way to consistently earn them in Apex Legends — leveling up. Every level (starting at level four) will award you with 600 Legend Tokens. High-level players will continue accruing Legend Tokens even after hitting max level, giving them a reason to keep chugging along and diving into the battle royale madness.

Unfortunately, that’s the only way to earn Legend Tokens. Completing challenges, participating in seasonal events, or throwing down real cash won’t directly reward you with any of the elusive currency. If you’re chasing stacks of Legend Tokens, you’ll just need to keep playing Apex.

Fastest ways to farm them

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Since this currency is tied directly to leveling up, the fastest way to earn Legend Tokens is by maximizing your game time. This means outlasting your opponents is your highest priority. Racking up kills and revives is useful, but arguably the fastest way to level up is by consistently making it to the final ring. In other words, avoid confrontations that could knock you out of a match early, and be tactical about when you swoop in for a kill. Eliminating dozens of enemies will give you a huge XP payday, but it might not be worth the risk if it sends you back to the main menu ahead of schedule.

You’ll also get an XP boost when playing with friends — playing with two buddies will grant you a 10% boost to your Time Survived experience point allotment. Picking up the Battle Pass can be helpful too, as the premium track is filled with items that’ll boost your XP gains.

Tackling challenges is another great way to farm Legend Tokens. These provide you with significant chunks of XP. Make it a priority to check these missions when you log in each day and do what you can to accomplish them. That could mean playing as a character you’re unfamiliar with or racking up kills with your least favorite weapon. Whatever the case may be, it’s worth the effort to chase these down.

What are Legend Tokens used for?

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Legend Tokens are used to unlock new Legends, recolor Legendary skins, and reroll daily challenges. We’d recommend saving your money to purchase Legends or recolor Legendary skins, as rerolling daily challenges can quickly add up — and it’s not often the best use of your hard-earned Legend Tokens.

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