Battlefield Hardline developers share major changes from beta

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Earlier this month the developers at Visceral Games shared their progress on Battlefield Hardline with a Community’s Most Wanted list of changes based on feedback from the beta. They have now followed  up with another list of 10 lessons from the beta that they are working to implement in the game.

Kicking off the list is a reduced frequency of explosives. Many people felt that the cops and robbers theme was undermined by the war zone-like use of heavy explosive weaponry. They’ve toned that down to focus on the core gameplay and make explosives that much more standout and impactful when they do come into play. Further differentiating the game from Battlefield 4, they are redesigning the in-game HUD to have a more distinct look and provide clearer information.

Immersion is getting a boost in the form of a more interactive world filled with useful objects like doors, radios, and ammo lockers. They are also looking to improve situational awareness in the sound design by providing more useful audio cues in the environment to help you detect enemies early.

The Interrogation mechanic will be simultaneously less powerful and more useful. Interrogation will only reveal enemy units in a radius around the captured enemy, but those revealed units will be marked as if they had been Active Spotted by a teammate. This will provide narrower, but more useful intel from each interrogation.

Check out the complete list over at the Battlefield BlogBattlefield Hardline comes out on October 21 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.