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‘BioShock: The Collection’ gives you even more to collect

BioShock: The Collection will feature additional collectibles that give returning veterans a reason to search every nook and cranny for not only bragging rights, but also the chance to dive deeper into the development of the original game.

The items, called “Golden Reels,” appear to only be available in the remastered version of the first game, and will unlock episodes of the new “Imagining BioShock” series. The behind-the-scenes documentary, hosted by The Game Awards producer Geoff Keighley, includes interviews with lead animator Shawn Robertson and creative director Ken Levine. An excerpt from one of the episodes shows that, while the studio was proud of its project, focus groups were less enthusiastic.

“They hated it, and they were making fun of it,” Levine says. “I remember the focus test guy was sort of like a doctor giving me the bad news. ‘Sorry, Ken. You better get your affairs in order.'”

From that disheartening news came the quick development of the plane crash sequence that became an iconic moment in the original BioShock, with beautiful fire effects and the famous lighthouse.

Though the Golden Reels are only available in the first game and Levine handed the reigns over to 2K Marin for the Rapture-focused sequel, BioShock 2, there is a small amount of behind-the-scenes footage you can already catch in the original version of BioShock Infinite. During the credits, a “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” recording session between actors Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper offers a look at the creation of one of the game’s most emotional moments.

BioShock: The Collection bundles remastered versions of BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite together for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. PC players who already own the original game or its sequel will be able to upgrade to the remastered version at no charge.

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