Would you play Mass Effect again with prettier graphics? BioWare wants to know

bioware contemplating hd mass effect trilogy compilation

BioWare wants to know if fans would be interested in a high-definition re-release of the complete Mass Effect trilogy, with the studio’s general manager, Aaryn Flynn, popping up in a NeoGAF post to poll readers. In Flynn’s vision of a hypothetical re-release, the three games along with all downloadable content would be integrated into a single, seamless experience, with no need to transfer progress between them.

Flynn also mentions that he’d like to see the re-release sporting a 1080p resolution running at 60 frames per second on all three games, with high resolution textures and improved shaders. A compiled re-release like this would be similar to the upcoming Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which bundles all four main Halo games into a single, remastered collection.

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Flynn emphasized that this is just a “wish list” for now. The project is in an exploratory phase, rather than formal development. As BioWare looks back over its saga, it also looks forward with the development of a new sequel. The next game has been tentatively referred to as Mass Effect 4, but purports to feature an entirely new story and protagonist.