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BioWare using Facebook to select the look of Mass Effect 3 main character

Image used with permission by copyright holder

How often do you get a chance to affect the making of a blockbuster video game? BioWare has decided to outsource the final decision on the looks of the female Commander Shepard. As fans of the game franchise already know, Commander Shepard is the main character in the game, and players have the chance to decide to play the game as a male or female. Players are able to customize the look of both genders, but if you are lazy, BioWare provides a default character model for your viewing pleasure.

The company posted pictures of the six finalists on its official Facebook page, and will pick the winner by number of “likes” each one gets. At the time of writing, female Shepard number five is winning with over 10,000 more likes then its nearest competitor. We think that number one looks a lot like Natalie Portman, which might come in handy with the Mass Effect movie coming out at some point.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Something to also take note of from all the pictures is the claw on her hand. This claw is also shown in the video preview from earlier this year. This would be the first true melee type weapon in the franchise’s history. The games are viewed from a third person perspective, but have focused on guns and ranged attacks.

Mass Effect KroganBefore you vote for your favorite female Shepard there is one last thing to keep in mind. Earlier this year BioWare announced that players will be able to seduce characters of the same sex in the third game. Before you get too excited about the possibilities, please look to the right to see just bad some characters look in the game.

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