New Mass Effect movie details emerge at Comic-Con

The Mass Effect movie was first announced over a year ago, and not much has changed since then, but during a movie panel at Comic-Con some more details about the movie have been unearthed.

The movie is still in the very early planning stages, and it will be a long time before much of anything concrete is announced. At this point the only names attached to the movie are Casey Hudson, and Mark Protosevich. Hudson is the creator of the game, and Protosevich made a name for himself by writing both I am Legend, and Thor.

The panel admitted that there is not a history for video game movies, but thought their movie would be different. Unlike most video game movies, Mass Effect won’t just focus on visuals, and it has a pretty deep story behind the action. They went on to compare the depth of the story to that of Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, which seems like a bit of a stretch. The Mass Effect games, while action-packed, are very story-driven, and we think that is where it will distance itself from such failed game to movie abominations as Super Mario Bros., and Doom.

According to the panel, the movie will focus just on the events of the first game. There will be nothing from the second game, or the upcoming third game in the movie. The first game follows Commander Shepard as he battles the Geth and ultimately saves the human race. There should be enough content in the first game to fill a movie, but the issue of budget might come into play. Even though the focus will be on the story, Mass Effect is based in space with ships and aliens, which can cause a budget to sky rocket quickly.

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