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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition gets a price cut for the Steam Summer Sale

With the return of the Steam Summer Sale, players can get their hands on their favorite games on the PC at a fraction of their normal cost. One of the more major games on sale this year is the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition which is 17% off on Steam right now.

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a collection of the Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 that also includes over 40 DLC add-ons from the three games. Each game has been optimized for PC with 4K graphics and 60 frames per second. While each game has its original single-player intact, there is no multiplayer included in the collection.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Steam Summer Sale takes 17% off the normal price for the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition from $60 to $50. This sale might be enticing for players who are interested in trying out these three iconic games for the first time, or for returning veterans of the series to play some of their favorite games once again.

This discount comes only about a month after the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition released, so this sale is just additional encouragement for players to try out these three fan-favorite games.

EA recently announced that it is working on the next installment in the Mass Effect series, which brings us back to the Milky Way Galaxy where the first three games take place. Playing the Legendary Edition will refresh players on the backstory and lore of this franchise.

The Steam Summer sale runs until July 8, so fans have plenty of time to grab these three classics for $50.

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