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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition gets May release date and new details

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition finally has a release date: May 14. EA shared new details about the remastered collection, including the content included in the package.

The game will launch on PC via Origin and Steam, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No next-gen upgrade will be available for the games, but they will be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S via backward compatibility. The standard edition will retail for $60.

Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition Official Reveal Trailer (4K)

All three of the original Mass Effect games are included in the Legendary Edition and have been remastered. The collection features more than 40 pieces of downloadable content from the trilogy, including extra story content and gear packs. All bonus content will be playable in 4K Ultra HD.

The game’s character creator suite has been updated for the collection to include new skin tones, hair options, and more. The creator will be unified across all three games, including the first Mass Effect. The female version of Commander Shepard featured in Mass Effect 3 will be the default character for all three games.

EA says the collection features multiple tweaks including UI enhancements and quality of life changes. The exploration has been “modernized,” with tweaks to aiming, vehicle control, and more. “Detail and depth” have been added to some of the game’s most iconic locations, like Eden Prime and Feros.

Dedicated fans can pre-order a $150 “legendary cache” from BioWare, which includes a full 1:1 scale replica helmet. The box also comes with a steel book case, pins, a canvas art print, and more.

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