BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 adds same-sex relationship options

ME3BioWare has postponed the launch of Mass Effect 3, but gamers can expect a new option when it does finally hit shelves. Mass Effect 3 development lead Casey Hudson announced via Twitter that users can now opt for same-sex relationships in the game. “Happy to confirm [Mass Effect 3] supports wider options for love interest, including same-sex for male and female characters, reactive to how you interact with them in-game,” he wrote.

The first two games of the series had a same-sex option, but only when it came to girl-girl relationships, something that didn’t sit well with activist groups. Now BioWare is diversifying the Shepherd character in order to avoid isolating any of its fans. The Mass Effect games are known for their story-driven plot and finely-tuned character building, although Mass Effect 2 was something of a departure and focuses on action in favor of its RPG roots.

We’ve heard the third title is also going to fall into this category, but fans of its in-depth character development will be happy to hear the expanded relationship preferences. “ME3 writing team has some great ideas for breaking the mold on character interaction, which should add to non-romance relationship[s],” Hudson also posted.

The decision surely won’t be without at least some controversy and could easily rile parent groups. Still, the game should largely stay out of children’s hands since the line targets older gamers and the last two titles were rated M.