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Blizzard launches ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ companion app allowing more mobile access

Blizzard has launched a second companion app for World of Warcraft to help players make the most of their time in-game. The World of Warcraft: Legion Companion gives players on-the-go access to several useful actions related to the game’s latest expansion.

Basically, the purpose of the app is to allow players to take care of menial tasks from their smartphones, so that they can focus on the more interesting aspects of questing once they’re seated at their computer playing the full game.

The app can be used to interact with several elements of the Order Hall, a base of operations with links to the plot of the Legion expansion. Players can make upgrades to their Order Hall, tweak previously selected upgrades, and even take on new recruits.

You’re also given some control over the followers that you’ve already amassed. The app allows you to change the gear assigned to each of your followers, assign champions and troops to particular missions, and complete those missions directly from the app — you’ll receive the rewards you earn next time you log in from your computer.

Players can also use the app to explore World Quests, a new form of endgame content for high level characters that was introduced via the Legion expansion.

The Legion Companion is not the first World of Warcraft app that Blizzard has released. The Mobile Armory lets players track characters, stats, and auctions, and was recently updated to version 7.0, according to a report from Engadget.

The World of Warcraft: Legion Companion is available now for both iOS and Android devices. An active World of Warcraft subscription, access to the Legion expansion, and a sufficiently high level character are all required to utilize all the functionality on offer.

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