Build the perfect roller coaster then bring it crashing down in ScreamRide

Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb recently sat down with executive producer Jorg Neumann to discuss Frontier Developments’ ScreamRide, the new game about building and destroying amusement park rides. It’s coming from the studio behind Roller Coaster Tycoon, and it was revealed earlier this year at Gamescom 2014.

ScreamRide builds upon the studio’s decades of experience in designing roller coaster games, providing a set of creation tools that players use to make coasters and other amusement park rides. These can be ridden and shared, with screams produced used as your measure of success.

What separates ScreamRide from previous roller-coaster games is that you can also rig the rides for wanton destruction, launching your hapless riders into support structures and buildings and reaping the scream points of onlooking crowds as your massive creations come crashing down. The destruction is rooted in a materials-based physics engine, which will encourage creative construction of buildings so that they will collapse in the most dramatic way possible.

ScreamRide will start terrifying virtual people in Xbox 360 and Xbox One in spring 2015.

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