Call of Duty shows off the next stage of Extinction, Episode 2: Mayday

call duty shows next stage extinction episode 2 mayday

The third piece of Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Extinction is on the way, and Activision has a new trailer to prove it. Bundled as part of the upcoming Devastation DLC, the new Extinction mode is a direct sequel to the previously released Episode 1: Nightfall, which was itself the continuation of the Point of Contact offering included with the game.

Episode 2, titled “Mayday,” moves the setting from the snow-covered region of Nightfall’s Alaska to a research vessel somewhere in the South Pacific. Unsurprisingly, things have gone badly on the ship following attempts to study the new alien menace onboard. The trailer below shows off plenty of familiar enemies, as well as a new boss, bigger than anything we’ve seen before in the mode. Extinction continues to tell the story introduced in Point of Contact, and has two more episodes planned as part of the two remaining DLCs planned for Ghosts.

Episode 2: Mayday will appear as part of the Devastation DLC, which hits Xbox Live on April 3. As has become the norm with Call of Duty games, the PC and PlayStation versions will follow, most likely within 30 days after the initial release.