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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War/Warzone Season 3 brings new maps and weapons

Activision detailed what to expect from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War/Warzone Season 3, giving the community a road map featuring plans for a hefty amount of content. The next season begins on April 22, 2021.

Most notably, Cold War players will get new multiplayer maps and modes, along with additional Zombies offerings, while Warzone is getting a map update and new weapons.

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Now that Cold War and Warzone have unified progression systems, players will be able to participate in the Hunt for Adler limited-time event across both games, offering ways to earn rewards like Calling Cards and more. Season 3 will also introduce a new battle pass, with 100 more tiers of items to unlock.

Cold War is gaining four new multiplayer maps. Yamantau and Diesel will be available as soon as the season starts, while Standoff and Duga will launch later on. Duga will also be a new Outbreak region within the Zombies mode and that will be playable at the beginning of Season 3.

As for Warzone, the biggest change will come to its map. Though Activation hasn’t officially confirmed the details, rumors indicate that Verdansk is getting an ’80s overhaul to match the style of Cold War (while remaining in the Modern Warfare engine). On day one, the community will gain access to the PPSH-41 SMG (which first debuted in 2008’s World at War), as well as the Swiss K31 sniper rifle, while Ballistic Knife, CARV.2, AMP63, and Baseball Bat will come later on.

There’s a substantial amount of content planned for the forthcoming season, so be sure to check out Activision’s full post for all the details.

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