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Canadians really, really like the PS4

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The PlayStation 4 is now the proud record holder for having the biggest launch in Canadian gaming history, at least according to Sony. Exact numbers haven’t been released yet, but in a recent interview with, Sony Computer Entertainment Canada VP and GM Steve Turvey said “The launch was a huge success by any standard of measurement. It was by far the largest launch in gaming history in Canada, and we were really thrilled by the execution, but mostly the response by PlayStation fans and consumers.”

Earlier this week we reported that the PS4 sold over 1 million units at launch in North America alone, but Sony didn’t mention how those units were split up by country. It may be awhile before we know how many Canucks got their hands on the new console, but it was a lot.

“We launched more units than we have ever in any console launch across any platform at any time, and by far the most,” Turvey claimed. “Three times, four times as much as we’ve done historically, and still demand seems to be unsated.”

Turvey went on to confirm that all PS4s in Canada were either sold or being held on reserve. Sony is hoping to keep up with demand, and more units should be hitting shelves as the holiday season looms. Turvey also addressed the hardware issues that have turned a handful of PlayStation 4’s into aesthetically pleasing paperweights.

“You never want to make it inconsequential, but if it’s a problem at all, I think it must be extremely small,” Turvey stated. “Of course, we always do our best to rectify any issue and have a large customer service team on standby taking calls … Brand loyalty is not something we take lightly, and much of that comes from how we handle our issues with our customers.”

Some users are reporting problems ranging from the console not sending any video to TVs to overheating. Sony claims that these are minor issues, well within the expected range of failure, and that the number of affected users is around. 0.4-percent.

(Image credit to: CNW)

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