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Caption this .GIF, win a copy of ‘Metro: Last Light’ or ‘Metal Gear: Revengeance’

Oh, E3. After averaging only a few, measly hours of sleep each night, after producing a ton of content ranging from analysis to news to previews, after running a team of people into a stupor for the good of our E3 coverage [Editor’s note: He’s a monster.], will it be our analysis of Sony’s press conference that is remembered from E3 2013? Perhaps our look at Microsoft’s slate of Xbox One games? Possibly our Best of awards? No, probably not. 

In all likelihood, this .GIF of a kind of lecherous guy ogling a passerby will outlive us all. 


During our daily recording for the aptly named “DT Daily” video segment, we caught a bit more than we expected in the background. It took a few watches to appreciate what we were seeing, but we are left with the .GIF above. It’s dash of lechery, a dash of perfect timing.

But now we need your help to caption it, and the winning caption will win a copy of Metro: Last Light for the PS3, or Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for the Xbox 360.

All you have to do is post your best, funniest comment below, and specify which game you would prefer. There will only be one winner, and the contest will run through the weekend; we’ll contact the winner via email on Monday. The contest is open to U.S. resident only. Multiple entries are fine. 

Please keep it clean, and help us give this .GIF a name.

[Update: We have selected a winner, and they have been contacted by email. We will post the winning caption once they have confirmed.]

[Update 2: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner as voted by the DT staff: 

It’s super effective!

Thanks to everyone for posting, we have plenty more stuff to give away, so keep checking back!

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