Check out live Far Cry 4 gameplay this afternoon on Twitch

Far Cry 4 preview

If we piqued your interest with our excited description of riding attack elephants in our E3 hands-on preview of Far Cry 4, you’ll be happy to learn that later today you can see it in action for yourself. Twitch livestreamers SuushiSam and EatMyDiction1 will be broadcasting their play this afternoon from 2-2:30pm PT and 4-4:30pm PT, respectively. That’s a whole hour of vicariously riding elephants and buzzing mountaintops in gyrocopters to help tide you over until the November 18 release.

We loved Far Cry 3 back in 2012, and the unexpected spin-off Blood Dragon showed that the developers have a fantastic sense of what makes these games fun, so we’re just as excited as you are to take in every emerging detail of the coming sequel.