Check out the glistening, sweaty realism of ‘NBA 2K14’ on the next-gen

With the next-gen systems inching ever closer to invading our living rooms, more and more developers are beginning to tease us with looks at what to expect from their upcoming titles. With a game like NBA 2K14, which was already released on current-gen systems on October 1, you already know what to expect in terms of content. The next-gen will feature all the same game modes, controls, and presentation aspects, but it will come with a much prettier sheen.

In the newly released screenshots and trailer for the game, you can take a closer look at what to expect. Ray Allen looks very much like a digital Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant looks realistically intense, and the GM’s office looks accurately decadent.

For a closer look at the game on the next gen we’ll have to wait for the launch. But until then have a peak at what to expect when NBA 2K14 is released as a launch title for PS4 on November 15 and Xbox One on November 22.