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Attract ‘great people’ in ‘Civilization VI’ by playing as Brazil’s magnanimous ruler

Exploring new territory, trading with other nations, and conquering the world through warfare are all perfectly sensible ways to play Civilization VI, but if you want to rule through kindness and a respect for Mother Nature, Pedro II’s Brazil will be your country of choice.

“Pedro II leads Brazil in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI,” the narrator says in a new “first look” video. “His nickname was ‘The Magnanimous,’ and he earned a reputation of being an enlightened monarch. He corresponded with scholars around the world and pushed for the abolition of slavery.”

Pedro II’s polite, kind nature doesn’t mean Brazil is at a disadvantage, though. Recruiting one of the game’s “great people” for Brazil costs less resources, most likely because of Pedro’s charm and dashing sense of style. His kindness extends to Brazil’s combat, as well. The nation’s unique unit is the Minas Gerais, a ship that focuses on defending against naval combat from afar. Trying to mount any offensive threat against Brazil will be quite a bit harder than against some of the other countries.

Brazil’s lush, green topography will also play a factor in your decisions. By building towns and civilizations close to rainforests, you’ll receive larger adjacency bonuses and more easily recruit “great people,” but this will limit the amount of space you can develop in a given area. A unique district, the “Carnival,” can be turned into a large-scale entertainment project that will earn even more points to spend on “great people.”

Which Civilization VI nation will you choose when the game is released for PC on October 21? We’ve been most impressed by Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, as well as the raw fighting power of Montezuma and his Aztecs. The latter country will be available as a pre-order bonus.

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