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'Civilization VI' bulks up for winter with Poland, Viking scenario packs

Developer Firaxis updated its 4X strategy game Civilization VI with Poland and Viking Scenario Packs, which arrive this week alongside a wide range of bugfixes and balance tweaks.

In addition to serving as a backdrop for the Scenario Pack, Poland emerges as a playable Civilization with Firaxis’ latest update, giving veteran players a new challenge based on 14th-century historical events.

Civilization VI‘s new Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack puts players in control of Jadwiga, Poland’s first female monarch. In addition to getting a new playable civilization, players who purchase the content pack will also unlock the Jadwiga’s Legacy scenario, the Winged Hussar unit, and the Sukiennice building type.

Jadwiga players will enjoy a variety of exclusive perks on the battlefield, including a “Golden Liberty” ability that enables automatic territory expansion upon building a fort or encampment. The Golden Liberty skill additionally allows players to spread their religions to nearby territories, expanding their reign while ensuring bonus faith, culture, and gold resources.

Also available for purchase this week is the Vikings Scenario Pack, which introduces “the most detailed scenario released yet for Civilization VI,” along with three new natural wonders and six new city-states.

This week’s free Winter Update further tweaks the core Civilization VI experience with new features like an “alert” action that puts friendly units to sleep until they spot an enemy unit, giving players more options during battle. Other additions arriving alongside the Winter Update include a brand-new Earth map, a scenario setup menu, and a replay option for wonder completion movies.

The Vikings Scenario Pack and the Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack are priced at $5 apiece and are included as part of the Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition.

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