Crackdown 2 dev wants your votes in Square Enix’s crowdfunding platform, The Collective

crackdown 2 devs next game helps launch square enix crowdfunding platform of glens

Ruffian Games, the studio behind the Xbox 360-exclusive Crackdown 2, is turning its attention to a PC minigame collection called Game of Glens, which draws inspiration from ancient Scottish highland games. What’s notable here is how the project will seek approval. Game of Glens is to be among the first titles featured in “The Collective,” a Square Enix platform revealed in late 2013 that is designed to measure fan interest in a particular idea before a proper funding campaign launches (via Indiegogo). 

The idea is to have the gaming audience decide which games they would or wouldn’t want to pay for. Instead of a decision being made behind closed doors about what will or won’t get made, The Collective aims to put the question directly to the gamer. It’s not far removed from Steam Greenlight, though seemingly at an earlier stage in a given game’s development.

Ruffian is one of three developers to be featured during the “pilot phase” that launches today. The other two are Montreal-based newcomers: there’s Kitfox Games, working on Moon Hunters, and Tuque Games, working on World War Machine. The pilot period runs for 28 days, during which fans will be able to vote on whether or not a particular idea is one they’d be interested in funding. The Indiegogo that follows, if successful, will then be supplemented by Square Enix support.

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