Dark Souls release delayed a week

dark souls release delayed a weekSince Demon’s Souls first hit shelves two years ago, the game has earned a reputation as one of the most frustratingly difficult titles to hit the market in recent years. Despite its high potential for controller-heaving tantrums, the game developed a loyal fanbase, and those gluttons for punishment fans have been eagerly anticipating next month’s release of the game’s spiritual sequel, Dark Souls.

Sadly, they’ll have to wait a little longer…

In a move that seems entirely appropriate for the franchise, developer From Software has announced that Dark Souls will have its release date pushed back a week, from September 15 to September 22.

Kotaku reports that there was no reason given for the delay, only that the release was pushed back “due to various circumstances.”

Like its predecessor, Dark Souls will unfold in a dark, fantasy-themed, open-world environment that allows players to interact without direct communication via in-game notes and other methods. Early reports indicate that the game will actually be more difficult than Demon’s Souls — which should send chills down the spines of both fans and critics alike.

There’s also expected to be a new co-op system for players to use within the Dark Souls world.