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Elden Ring is now one of the top 10 bestselling games of all time in the U.S.

Mat Piscatella of The NPD Group has revealed that Elden Ring is now one of the top 10 bestselling premium games of all time in the U.S. market for dollar sales.

US NPD PREMIUM GAMES – Elden Ring ranks among the top 10 best-selling premium games in the U.S. market all-time (dollar sales).

— Mat Piscatella (@MatPiscatella) July 15, 2022

Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s breakout hit after building a niche but passionate audience with its Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The studio made a name for itself with these tough but fair action-RPGs that featured cryptic stories, intricate level design, innovative combat and death systems, and challenging boss encounters. Elden Ring took the formula of those previous titles and expanded it into a massive open world that has been universally acclaimed by critics and players alike.

Elden Ring had already become the bestselling game in the last 12 months within two months of launch, and has now become one of the top 10 bestselling premium games of all time in the U.S. It also managed to top the bestselling games list for the month of June, which marks the fourth time it has reached the No. 1 spot in the five months since launch. Elden Ring remains the bestselling game of 2022 so far.

According to the latest NPD report, overall spending on games for June dropped 11% compared to last year, and the first half of 2022 saw a 10% total decline in consumer spending, with only subscription serves showing year-over-year growth.

Elden Ring‘s success wasn’t a surprise, but just how successful it has become could never have been predicted. FromSoftware titles have been selling better with each release, but the jump from Sekiro to Elden Ring is almost unbelievable. Within its first two months on sale, it already sold more than Call of Duty: Vanguard, which was the bestselling game of 2021 and had been on the market for over twice as long.

This is a monumental accomplishment for a new IP from a studio previously known for making games too difficult for a wide audience.

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Elden Ring’s first significant post-launch content is a PvP Colosseum
Four players fight in an Elden Ring colosseum.

Bandai Namco Entertainment and FromSoftware have confirmed that multiple PvP Colosseums will be added to Elden Ring as part of an update on December 7. 
Although Elden Ring is the best-selling and most critically acclaimed game of 2022, its post-launch patches have primarily been focused on balance tweaks and bug fixes. Update 1.08, which drops on December 7, changes that by adding a new way for players to duel each other. Colosseums will now appear in Limgrave, Leyndell, and Caelid, where players can face off against each other. There will be three match types: 1v1 duels, 3v3 team fights, and free-for-alls where only one player can come out on top.
The update will be free to Elden Ring owners across all platforms, and a new trailer gives us a look at these new arenas and the fights that take place within them.
ELDEN RING | Free Colosseum Update Trailer
The Colosseums look like fun places for players to test new character builds, show their builds off to others, and test their skills against really experienced players. It seems like this is strictly PvP-focused content though, so players yearning for more single-player content of DLC won't be satiated just yet. Still, this is one of our first very clear indications that FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment are interested in adding significant, brand-new content to Elden Ring, which is a good sign. 
Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The Colosseums will be added as part of Elden Ring Update 1.08, which is set to release on December 7. 

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Staff picks: Why Elden Ring is our 2022 game of the year
An Elden Ring character stands on a cliff in front of text that says Game of the Year 2022.

I tried to fight it the entire year.

When I played Elden Ring in February, I immediately knew it was going to be treated as a foregone conclusion when game of the year season rolled around. While I loved FromSoftware’s open-world fantasy epic, I had plenty of gripes with it that I felt were getting overlooked in its immediate hype cycle. I urged the Digital Trends team to keep an open mind through 2022 rather than assuming it had to be No. 1 on our list come December. Such an attitude would do a disservice to the wealth of excellent games that would surprise us after its launch, from Neon White to Vampire Survivors. As the year hit its last quarter, the staff even began to rally behind Immortality, which was one spot away from the throne.

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Sony and Tencent now own 30% of FromSoftware through stock purchase
General Radahn stands against a red background in Elden Ring.

Sony and Tencent have purchased a combined 30.34% of FromSoftware shares, with Sony now holding a 14.09% stake in the studio.

While not an outright acquisition, FromSoftware has been a studio many speculated would be ripe for acquisition by a major company. The studio has been on the rise in popularity thanks to its Souls series, with each game performing better than the last commercially. Its latest game, Elden Ring, is the top-selling game of 2022 so far and one of the top 10 bestselling premium games of all time in the U.S.

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