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How to find and use the Prayer Room Key in Shadow of the Erdtree

A player collecting a prayer room key.

Calling Shadow of the Erdtree a DLC is kind of misleading when you actually enter the Land of Shadow and see just how massive this new region is. The base game was already massive, and this feels like another game about half its size was plopped into the world, with bosses, weapons, dungeons, and secrets all included. Among all the hidden areas and items, the most mysterious include the Prayer Room and the Prayer Room Key. Players may stumble upon one or the other — most likely neither — but almost certainly not both without some help. If you’re interested in the lore of the game in particular, you will want to see what’s hidden behind this very secluded door.

Note: This article contains minor spoilers for bosses and NPCs in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Where to find the Prayer Room Key

The Shadow of the Erdtree map.

There’s no sense in finding the door without the key to open it, and the key also happens to be much easier to get. The first requirement is to defeat Fire Knight Queelign in Belurat, Tower Settlement before heading to the Scaldu Altus region. Go north from the Highland Cross Site of Grace until you hit the Church of the Crusade. As you venture inside, you will be invaded by none other than Fire Knight Queelign looking for some payback.

Take Queelign down a second time and you will collect the Prayer Room Key as a reward.

Where to use the Prayer Room Key

Shadow of the Erdtree map.

Now comes the tricky part. The door you’re looking for is in the Shadow Keep Church District in the Shadow Keep to the north. The Church District is on the east side and partially flooded. The only way to get there that we know of is to go through the east end of the Shadow Keep and not through the main entrance. You will need to platform and navigate across the roofs — plus contend with the annoying crabs and exploding enemies — to make it inside the main church by dropping through a hole in the roof. There’s also a massive Fire Knight on the roof right before you can drop in, but it is highly recommended you fight them to make sure you don’t miss your jump at the last moment and have to start again.

The Prayer Room door will be at the end of a long hallway. Once inside, who else but Fire Knight Queelign could be inside? If you have either the Iris of Occultation or Iris of Grace, you can continue their questline. The former will reward you with his greatsword while the latter grants you his Spirit Ash.

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