To get the Dead Rising 3 DLC, you’ll first need to get a 13GB update

dead rising 3s 13gb title update sets first dlc drop 3

If you’re planning to jump on Dead Rising 3‘s first of four story DLC drops this week – titled Operation Broken Eagle – then you’re going to want to make sure to grab the newly released title update for the game, which clocks in at a whopping 13GB. Executive producer Josh Bridge describes some of the changes and fixes in a Q&A on, though it’s more of a broad overview than a specific rundown. One of the new additions is support for the Xbox One controllers impulse triggers, with rumble now alerting you when your gun ammo is running low or your vehicle is about to explode.

Operation Broken Eagle is the first of four planned add-ons to Dead Rising 3 in what Capcom calls “The Untold Stories of Los Perdidos.” Each of the four episodes focuses on a different, completely new character, and each one connects in some way to the story from the main game. The add-ons all bring new toys along as well, with Operation Broken Eagle bringing in five new weapons, and a new combo weapon. It will also feature a new mission, vehicle, and outfit. None of the DLC add-ons support co-op play, but all of the new bits from the DLC can be used in the main game.

Operation Broken Eagle puts players in the role of a military commander who visits Los Perdidos before the events of the main story. Very few details have been revealed, but Bridge confirms that one of the new weapons is a beefy minigun that effectively tears through zombie hordes.

The Operation Broken Eagle DLC is $9.99 on its own, but you can pre-buy all four packs at a 10-percent discount overall with the $29.99 Season Pass.